Galil 47 | Galil 56 | Galil 74 build - Stamped Receiver



The GALIL 47, GALIL 56, AND GALIL 74. We have designed and developed trunnions and barrels that allow you to build a stamped receiver GALIL in 7.62x39, 5.56x45, and 5.45x39. The GALIL parts kits are still readily available  and very reasonable with regards to price.  Childers Guns manufactures receivers for all three calibers with some really cool engraving options as well and they are available for sale on their website. Their receivers literally cut 3-4 hours off the build time when compared to making the necessary modifications to a normal akm receiver.  The receivers come with the correct selector cuts on all 3 sides as well as the roll pin hole for the stock ,and as an add on bonus they have outstanding engraving options including the IDF crest. These builds are immediately available in all three calibers! Although the Israelis had some variant model prototypes built on stamped receivers, normal Galils are built on a milled receiver. Currently there is a good supply of Galil parts kits available at reasonable prices in both the SAR and ARM model. We currently have trunnion sets available for pre order here on our store page, We also have rear trunnions available if you were looking to do a custom build with an original Galil Stock. The stamped Galil front trunnions are sold as a set.


These rifles have been on hand at Kalashbash Texas the past few years. Recently at Lethal Weapons Texas, not only on display but used in competition as well as being  highlighted on Classic Firearms Youtube channel.  There are many examples in normal and enhanced configurations on our Instagram page.

We rigorously tested our prototype trunnions in 2 dealer post sample guns, we stopped counting rounds at 3,500 and just kept on shooting and loading magazines. All of the testing was done in select fire. We tried to kill them, and they just kept on going. On our trunnion product  page in the store is a detailed breakdown of materials and heat treating specifications for both trunnions. We will be offering these as a set, and the rear trunnion individually. In addition we will be offering build services with your supplied kit or one of ours. These are exciting times for Galil and Kalashnikov aficionados and we are equally excited to be bringing it to you. There are now just over a hundred of these stamped Galil rifles in existence, based off of our builds and trunnion sets sold. But now the game has changed, they are available in the 3 most popular akm calibers. Whether you’re a home/garage builder, or another manufacturer like us, it’s now a reality that is being brought to all fans of the AK and Galil.  We have parts kits set aside as well for those of you who would like us to build you one!