PKM - An Overview

PKM - An Overview

The PKM (Pulemyot Kalashnikova Modernizirovanny) is a belt-fed, general-purpose machine gun that was developed in the Soviet Union. Here's some information about the PKM:

  1. Design and Functionality:

    The PKM is a gas-operated, fully automatic machine gun that operates on the principle of a long-stroke piston system. It fires the 7.62x54mmR cartridge, which is the same cartridge used in the Mosin-Nagant rifle. The PKM is fed through non-disintegrating metallic belts and is known for its reliability, durability, and effectiveness in various combat conditions.

  1. Lightweight and Portable:

    One of the significant design advantages of the PKM is its relatively light weight compared to other machine guns of its class. It features a folding bipod and a carrying handle, which makes it highly portable and easy to transport by infantry units.

  1. Rate of Fire and Effective Range:

    The PKM has a cyclic rate of fire of around 650 to 750 rounds per minute, although it can be adjusted to fire at a slower rate. It has an effective range of up to 1,100 meters (1,200 yards), making it suitable for engaging targets at medium to long distances.

  1. Deployed by Many Nations:

    The PKM has been widely adopted by numerous countries and has seen extensive use in conflicts around the world. It has been the standard general-purpose machine gun for the armed forces of various Soviet Bloc nations, as well as many other countries that received military assistance from the Soviet Union or purchased weapons from it.

  1. Design Improvements:

    The PKM is an improved version of the earlier PK machine gun. The PKM features a lighter receiver made from stamped steel, which contributes to its reduced weight. It also includes other design enhancements, such as a quick-change barrel, a flash suppressor, and a more ergonomic pistol grip.

  1. Versatility and Adaptability:

    The PKM can be deployed in various roles, including infantry support, vehicle-mounted, and tripod-mounted applications. It can be adapted for use on different mounts and platforms, such as armored vehicles, helicopters, and aircraft. The PKM's versatility and adaptability have made it a preferred choice for many armed forces.

In summary, the PKM is a reliable and effective general-purpose machine gun that has been widely adopted by armed forces around the world. Its lightweight design, portability, and adaptability have made it a popular choice for infantry units and various military applications. With its high rate of fire and long effective range, the PKM remains a formidable weapon in combat situations.

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