Galil Barrel

Galil Barrel - Optimal Performance and Durability for Superior Firearm Accuracy

The Galil barrel is an integral component of the Stamped Galil series of rifles, which includes variants such as the Galil ARM, Galil SAR, and Galil ARM. Here are some key points about the Galil barrel:

Length and Construction:

Our Stamped Galil barrels come in three calibers. 7.62x39mm, 5.45x39mm, and 5.56x45mm NATO.  The barrels come in 14.5” and are profiled to be able to use a SAR, AR, or ARM kit to build with.  The 14.5” barrels are the perfect length for pin and welds to get you to 16”.  If you choose to go shorter, IRON CURTAIN CUSTOMS can cut and thread the barrel for an additional cost. 

Rifling and Twist Rate:

Galil barrels feature rifling, which refers to the spiral grooves cut into the interior of the barrel. These grooves impart spin to the projectile, improving stability and accuracy. The specific twist rate for each caliber is as follows,  7.62x39mm  1:10, 5.45x39mm 1:8, and 5.56x45mm NATO 1:9 .

Chambering and Calibers:

Our Stamped Galil barrels are chambered to accommodate various calibers depending on the model. The three calibers offered are 7.62x39mm , 5.45x39mm, and 5.56x45mm NATO. The barrel's chamber is designed specifically to match the dimensions and specifications of the chosen caliber, ensuring proper feeding, extraction, and reliable operation. The barrels are designed and manufactured here in the USA.

Barrel Profile and Gas Port:

The barrel profile of the Stamped Galil barrels features a heavier contour to enhance stability and accuracy. The gas block journal has been extended rearward to allow the use of any of the SAR, AR, ARM kits. The trunnion journal has been extended forward to use one of our rear handguard retainers specifically designed for the stamped build. The gas port is not drilled to allow the flexibility to use different kits and gas system lengths. Typically they are  located near the muzzle end, redirects gas from the fired cartridge to operate the gas piston system, cycling the action of the rifle. The size and location of the gas port are dictated by the caliber and  gas length of the kit you want to build, to optimize the reliability and function of the rifle with specific ammunition.

Threaded Muzzle:

Our Stamped Galil barrels feature a threaded muzzle, allowing the attachment of various muzzle devices such as flash suppressors, muzzle brakes, or suppressors. The threading conforms to industry-standard specifications, allowing for compatibility with a wide range of accessories.  7.62x39mm 5/8x24RH, both 5.45x39mm & 5.56x45mm Nato come with 1/2x28RH threads.

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