Galil 47 / Galil 74 / Galil 56 - Stamped Receiver Galil Revolution

Galil 47 / Galil 74 / Galil 56 - Stamped Receiver Galil Revolution

The Galil 47, Galil 74, & Galil 56 were created by Iron Curtain Customs.  Taking a parts kit and using our trunnions and barrels specifically designed and developed to build out in your preferred configuration(SAR, AR, ARM) and a choice of 3 calibers, using either original AK47, AK74, or original 5.56x45mm Galil magazines.

  1. Design and Features:

    The Stamped Galil series of rifles share many design features with its predecessor, the AK-47 & Galil, including the gas piston system and rotating bolt. However, it incorporates several modifications to allow them to be built on stamped receivers. The most notable feature of the Stamped Galil series is that it is built on a stamped receiver.  Nearly 100% of the parts kit is usable in this build.  Our rear trunnion is designed to take the original Galil stock and is a plug and play installation just like the original.  The front trunnion is manufactured to accept the Galil gas tube just like a milled receiver would..

  1. Caliber and Magazine Capacity:

    The Stamped Galil series  is chambered in the 7.62x39mm, 5.45x39mm, and 5.56x45mm NATO, the same as the AK-47,  all three of which are known for their reliability and effectiveness. These three builds will accept AK47, AK74, and original Galil magazines respectively. The  standard capacity being 30 rounds for the AK47 and AK74, and 35 rounds for the original Galil magazine. However, it can also utilize various other magazines, including those with higher capacities.

  1. Function and Performance:

    The Stamped Galil series of rifles operates using a gas-operated, long-stroke piston system, known for its reliability and ability to handle adverse conditions. Its robust construction and durable materials contribute to its reliability, even in harsh environments.
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